While nearing completion of her 11th grade at Waterloo Collegiate High School, Sam was juggling part-time and casual jobs to fund her passion for buying clothes and saving to buy her own car. Still, spending time with family and friends was her highest priority. Orchestrating gatherings to make fun times just happen was indeed her favourite pastime. Sam would then use her creativity to capture all of the wonderful moments in elaborately designed scrapbooks.

But Sam’s life changed with an unusual harsh pain in her right shoulder. It didn’t stop her bubbly persona; in fact it accentuated her true form. Sam was truly filled with determination for joy and love. Her purpose in life became sharply focused on survival and spending every possible moment with family and friends. (Plus she redirected her retail activities to online shopping.) Sam continues to live in our hearts and is always with us, every single day.

Osteosarcoma is nasty, harsh and maliciously determined. Sadly, proven successful treatment options for metastatic sarcoma are not in existence. Current research investments for this rare disease are simply not enough.

The Samantha Flannigan Fund for Sarcoma Research has been set up to fight this battle. The fund supports Mount Sinai’s initiatives to conduct necessary research for all sarcomas. Mount Sinai takes sarcoma patients from all across the country and works with their hospitals to coordinate treatments and care. Thank you for supporting the Samantha Flannigan Fund for Sarcoma Research! Sam will inevitably be smiling and most pleased!

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